As soon as the purchase is completed, the delivery times will (except as provided in section 11 of the General Conditions) be as follows:

Italy and Europe: 1-2 working days

USA and Canada: 2-3 working days

Other countries: 3-4 working days

Russia and Ukraine: 10-15 working days

Our courier retrieves parcels Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.


10. Terms and Conditions of Shipping

Worldwide shipping is carried out by UPS (except in Russia and Ukraine where EMS will be entrusted): each shipment is accompanied by an official invoice declaring the value of the individual goods. All items of expenditure, including any customs duties or taxes of import, shall be charged to the Buyer. Shipping costs and any ancillary charges not included in the purchase price are indicated on the website and are calculated in the purchase procedure prior to the purchase itself.
If the addressee is absent, the address, telephone number provided is incorrect or incomplete or if the parcel is rejected, the costs for returning to -PN / P (Assisport srl) will be charged to the Buyer and will include both the shipping costs and any possible customs duties.

                                                  SHIPPING COST

PURCHASE VALUE                       EUROPA/USA                        OTHER COUNTRIES

EURO 150,00                                     FREE                                              FREE

EURO 150,00 - 400,00                      FREE                                              FREE

EURO 400,00                                     FREE                                              FREE

11. Products Made with Protected Hides by the Washington Convention on the International Trade of Wild Species of Flora and Fauna (C.I.T.E.S.)
The shipping to countries outside of the EU of garments made of hides of animals protected by the Washington Convention on the international trade in wildlife species of flora and fauna, which came into force on July 1, 1975 and ratified in Italy by law n. 874 of 19/12/1975 (lastly governed by Reg. UE 160/2017), and the related appendices, is mandatorily subjected to issuance of the C.I.T.E.S. certification.
Buyers resident in non-European countries will be able to purchase this category of goods by accessing the address and following the procedures indicated therein. Alternatively, the sale can be carried out through the exchange of e-mails, always with the clarification that the Contract will end as foreseen in point 5 of these General Conditions (receipt of payment by the seller).
Only for the aforementioned purchases of products for which the issuance of the CITES certification is foreseen, the requirements relating to the release of the CITES certification and shipment to the Purchaser will not be performed directly by -PN / P but will be carried out on behalf of -PN / P from the Producer, according to the procedure described below.
Within the following 48 hours the purchase will be taken over by -PN / P which will instruct the Producer to obtain the CITES certification for the asset being sold in compliance with the provisions of current legislation and, once this documentation has been obtained, to send through the carrier the goods to the address indicated by the Purchaser at the time of purchase.
-PN / P will send an email to the Purchaser showing the tracking code of the package sent.
Please note that the release times of the aforementioned certification C.I.T.E.S. by the Competent Authority on the matter are about 15 days from the request and can not be controlled by the manufacturer or by -PN / P.
Without prejudice to the applicability of Clause 12 of these General Conditions, it is specified that even in partial exemption of the same clause, only in those cases where it is not possible to deliver the purchased goods due to issues related to the issuance of the CITES certification, -PN / P will reimbursement to the Purchaser of the price paid within the necessary technical times. The amount reimbursed, after deducting the portion of the out-of-pocket expenses related to the C.I.T.E.S. certification, will be reimbursed in the same currency as the purchase and any differences due to exchange rate fluctuations can not be reimbursed and, therefore, are not charged to -PN / P.
Expenses incurred in obtaining the CITES certification are borne by the buyer and are not included in the price of the items on sale.
The regulations on exchange rates and returns do not apply to the goods referred to in this paragraph.
For everything that is not expressly regulated in this clause, the rules set out in the General Conditions apply.