General sale condition


1. Scope of Application
These Terms and Conditions govern the on-line Sale Agreement of the goods described and offered for sale on the website, hereinafter also referred to as the “Agreement”.
The relationship between -PN / P (Assisport srl) and the Buyer is governed by these Terms and Conditions and is constituted by all of the information indicated on the website also not expressly referred to below.

2. Identification of the Contracting Parties
The goods subject to these Terms and Conditions are sold by the company Assisport srl (C.F. and P.IVA 03726590486) having its registered office in Italy, Florence, Via dei Bardi 33 no. 1/N, certified e-mail address:, email, tel +39 055 2479696 registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Florence at no. 384621 of the Register of Companies, hereinafter also referred to as “-PN / P (Assisport srl)” or the “Seller”.
The term “Buyer” means the customer who proceeds to purchase the goods offered on the website by means of the online procedures indicated therein and for purposes not related to any business or professional activity performed.

3. Subject of the Contract
With this Agreement, -PN / P (Assisport srl)sells and the Buyer purchases via the online tools the material goods shown and offered for sale at

4. Terms of Contract Settlement
The sale is made by means of the Buyer’s access to the website, where, by following the procedures indicated therein, the Buyer will proceed to make the purchase.
Alternatively, the sale may be made by means of the exchange of emails, again clarifying that the Contract will be concluded as described in point 5 of these Terms and Conditions (receiving payment of the price from the seller).

5. Conclusion of the Contract
The Contract is concluded when -PN / P (Assisport srl) receives the payment, which will be confirmed to the Buyer by email.
Within the following 48 hours the purchased item(s) will be processed and therefore the goods will be delivered to a carrier, and an email will be sent to the Buyer showing the parcel tracking code.
Only then (at the moment of the delivery to the carrier) the timescales for delivery the goods as expressly indicated on the website will start to run.


As soon as the purchase is completed, the delivery times will (except as provided in section 11 of the General Conditions) be as follows:

Italy and Europe: 1-2 working days

USA and Canada: 2-3 working days

Other countries: 3-4 working days

Russia and Ukraine: 10-15 working days

Our courier retrieves parcels Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.

6. Description and Availability of the Goods
The products available at are accompanied by images and descriptions as well as a technical sheet specifying the materials, colours and sizes as reported on the label.
-PN / P (Assisport srl) guarantees the authenticity of any article on the website and declares that it is an authorized reseller of such Brands.
For more information, the customer can write an email to:
It should be noted that any products’ discrepancy linked to the characteristics of the raw materials and the production processes are an indication of the quality of the products and can not be considered defects.

7. Pre-orders

Pre-orders mean the orders of those items visible online which are not yet available in our stores and for which the date of delivery is envisaged in the coming months.

For each product available to be pre-ordered the estimated date of dispatch shall be indicated within the product description. The estimated date of dispatch is indicative and may be changed.

The items available to be per-ordered will be shipped individually as soon as they are available.

In the case of cumulative orders of items available to be pre-ordered, the products will be individually shipped as soon as they are available.

Products available to be pre-ordered can only be purchased with credit card or PayPal. Orders with items available to be pre-ordered, made with credit card, shall be invoiced at the time of receipt of payment.

-PN/P (Assisport srl) is not liable for delays, cancellations or variations of the products available to be pre-ordered due to changes of production on the part of suppliers.

Any changes to the date of dispatch, cancellations or variations of products shall be communicated to the Purchaser via email.

In the event in which the pre-order does not prove to be capable of being implemented, the amount paid will be recredited to the Purchaser according to the methods used for the original transaction.


For all that is not expressly governed in


8. Payment and Currency Modes
The payment of the price can only be made in accordance with the instructions provided at


Only the following forms of payment are accepted:

a) Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner, Union Pay

b) PayPal ( / direct link:



PNP Firenze

Assisport srl
Via dei Bardi 33
50125 Firenze

BANK: UNICREDIT IBAN: IT38S0200802817000400275448

SWIFT: UNCRITM1F15 VAT: 03726590486

9. Prices
All product sales prices are listed on, payments and invoices are in Euros.

10. Taxes and Duties
The sale prices include all taxes and duties payable on the basis of the law in force at the time of purchase, which are entirely at the expense of the Buyer. The Buyer is also responsible for any customs duties or import taxes.

11. Shipping Arrangements and Costs
Worldwide shipping is carried out by UPS (except in Russia and Ukraine where this will be entrusted to EMS): each shipment is accompanied by an official invoice declaring the value of the individual goods and all items of expenditure, including any customs duties or taxes for importing, shall be charged to the Buyer.
Shipping costs and any ancillary charges not included in the purchase price are indicated on the website and are calculated in the purchase procedure prior to the purchase itself.
If the addressee is absent, the address, telephone number provided is incorrect or incomplete or if the parcel is rejected, the costs for returning to -PN / P (Assisport srl) will be charged to the Buyer and will include both the shipping costs and any possible customs duties.





< 250.00 EUROS

15.00 EUROS

35.00-50.00 EUROS

250.00 – 400.00 EUROS


35.00-50.00 EUROS

400.00 EUROS >



12. Products Made with Hides Protected by the Washington Convention on the International Trade of Wild Species of Flora and Fauna (C.I.T.E.S.)

Garments made of hides of animals protected by the Washington Convention on the international trade in wildlife species of flora and fauna, which came into force on 1 July 1975 and ratified in Italy by law n. 874 of 19/12/1975 (lastly governed by Reg. EU 160/2017), and the related appendices, are shipped only to countries within the EU.

13. Limitations of Liability
The Buyer may return the items as long as they are undamaged and unused/worn within 14 (fourteen) working days from the day of receipt of the goods to obtain:
a) a change in size and/or colour,
b) store credit;
c) reimbursement of the price paid.
These options are in any case subordinated to checking the integrity of the returned goods.
To this end, the items must be returned as they were received with the original packaging which should not be damaged, together with the original labels and wrappings and other original accessories.
-PN P reserves the right to refuse unauthorized or non-conform returns.
We do not accept returns or changes for the reduced price goods.

a) Change of size and/or colour;
Size and/or colour changes are only possible when the required goods are available, and must be authorised in writing.
b) Store Credit;
Store credit can only be obtained by the prior written approval of -PN/P (Assisport srl) and has a value equal to the price of the item at the time of purchase. Store credit is valid for 12 months from the acceptance of -PN/P (Assisport srl) .
c) Reimbursement;
The reimbursement will be made after the positive control of the integrity of the returned goods. The reimbursed amount will be in the same currency as the purchase and any differences due to the fluctuation of the exchange will not be redeemed and therefore are not borne by -PN / P (Assisport srl).

14. Instructions for Returns and Changes
Returns and changes in size and/or colour are free [of charge] and must be authorised by -PN/P (Assisport srl) by writing to the following e-mail address and indicating the items that are intended to be returned as they are indicated in the accompanying invoice.
The costs of delivery of authorised returns are to be borne by -PN/P (Assisport srl) only if the following conditions are fulfilled: that the Country of dispatch is the one originally indicated in the purchase document (with the exclusion of Russia and Ukraine)and that the shipment is made with the courier indicated from -PN/P (Assisport srl); therwise, shipping costs will be charged to the Buyer.
For returns from Russia or Ukraine directly contact the following email address:

15. Protection of Website Content
The content, text and images of this website is the exclusive property of -PNP (Assisport Srl) and cannot be used by third parties in any form or for any purpose, under penalty of compensation for damage resulting from unlawful use.

16. Communications and Complaints
Communications directed to PN/P (Assisport srl) and any complaints will be deemed valid only if sent to the following address:

17. Contacts
tel. +39 055 2479696

18. Applicable Law
This contract is governed by Italian law.

19. Settlement of Disputes
All disputes arising from this contract will be referred to the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and resolved in accordance with the Rules of Conciliation adopted by it.

20. PN / P (Assisport srl) protects the confidentiality of personal data voluntarily provided by its customers and guarantees the processing of the data in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on privacy and EU Regulation no. 2016/679.20. Protection of the Buyer’s Privacy and Processing of its Data
-PN/P (Assisport srl) protects the privacy of its customers and guarantees the processing of data in accordance with the provisions of the rules on privacy contained in the Legislative Decree 30th of June 2003 no. 196.
Any personal and tax data acquired directly and/or through third parties by – PN/P (Assisport srl), will be collected and processed in printed, digital and computerised form, with the purpose of registering the order and activating the procedures for the execution of this contract and the related communications. The acquired data will also be used for the fulfilment of any legal obligations, as well as to enable effective management of commercial relations to the extent necessary for the performance of the required service (art. 24, paragraph 1, letter b, Legislative Decree 196/2003).
PN/P (Assisport srl) will process any data and information provided by the Buyer with confidentiality and will not disclose it to unauthorized persons or use them for purposes other than those which they have been collected for or transmit them to third parties. Such data may be exhibited only at the request of the judicial authority or other authorities authorised by law.
Personal data will be communicated, upon signing of a confidentiality agreement, only to subjects entrusted with carrying out the activities necessary for the performance of the contract entered into and communicated solely for this purpose.

The Buyer’s communication of their personal data is a necessary condition for the proper and timely execution of this contract. Failing which, the sale cannot be implemented.
In any case, the acquired data will be retained for a period of time not exceeding that required for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed. Its removal will however be performed in a secure manner.
Holder of the data controller is PN/P (Assisport srl), to which the buyer can address every request by certified email.