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Free shipping on orders over € 150.


Ziggy Chen seeks to articulate the encounter between tradition and contemporary times – expressed through the medium of clothing. The evolution of the project from its inception has manifested a strong focus on the research and detailing of simple volumes, as well as the exploration of different uses of materials. This revisits the rule of industrialisation without compromise, to redefine the landscape of what is commonly accepted as old or new. Seeking to advance the experimentation of unique materials, textiles are developed and sourced from selected mills around the world to Shanghai where the creation of its distinctive yet cohesive garments occurs. Fabrics such as wool, hemp, and linen are augmented with silk and fine cotton to craft organic pieces that are embedded with an intangible energy. Ziggy Chen develops a particular juxtaposition in its clothing via blending the aspects of rawness and durability with elements of softness and elegance. It is through this intention that the garments possess an immediate yet subtle intrinsic value to the wearer.