Carol Christian Poell was born in Linz, Austria in 1966, but he has set up base in Milan where he has founded C.C.P srl and also started his partnership with Sergio Simone. Poell attended the fashion design school in Graz, the Wien Michelbeurn fashion school and the Domus Academy in Milan. Poell’s approach to fashion is the mark of an industrial designer rather than that of a fashion creator; his attention is mainly devoted to fabrics, as they were the containers for forms and ideas, and the utterance of his inner self. He refuse any kind of fashion show, that he defines as “a self-celebration of the designer and what the have done in the latest six monts”. The unique way in which he shows his creations is also emblematic of his experimental and avant-garde approach. His first Men’s collection take place in 1995 and later went on to create a women’s collection three years after. His collections consist of extravagant and complex uses of different materials and technology, where aesthetics takes second place.