About us

A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco (PN\P), is an Avantgarde fashion store born in Florence in 1990 by the idea of Stella Falautano.

The first location was in the heart of Florence, where Stella was selling womens collections with the idea of making a difference in a fashion world that was already looking all the same.

In 2005 Stella opened a second store, still in the heart of Florence where she introduced mens collections. From this opening, the A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco concept upgraded to an international level featuring new avant-garde brands from all over the world, launching e-commerce and an embracing a new name “-PN\P”, a simple and fast name but most of all universally understandable.

In 2009 Stella decided to close the first and second store and open a third one, in a bigger location close to the main fashion streets, taking the store to another level thanks to a unique sensory experience.

Very special architecture is combined with select interior design for a timeless and trendless fashion concept store.This new opening brought a lot of changes, such as the will of make -PN\P a unique experience at 360°, taking the client not only to buy an item but even to see a ambiance that is one in the world.

-PN\P isn’t just a store, but is an experience. We don’t sell just clothes, we provide emotion, ideas and concepts that will remain indelible as the products that you can find inside the store, they don’t follow trends but they are strong and define, with no time limit.